About Us

Our Story

Philip Giarracca & Co commenced as a boutique family business in 1985. We have been firmly established in the Brunswick area now, for well over 30 years; always being located on Sydney Road (Brunswick Hill precinct). We offer  a high level of service and specialise in selling and leasing of all residential and commercial properties.

Phillip Giarracca is the patriarch of the business. Philip officially started in the real estate industry in 1968 and although now retired, he only ceased working recently. His foray into real estate establishing Philip Giarracca & Co was well and truly at grassroots level.

He started with his wife Mary and he had no rent roll (having had to establish it from scratch). There was not a Property Management department (he was it); there was no Sales Department (he was it); but he had his wife Mary as his front desk receptionist and trust accountant! In time, Philip did employ a Sales Representative and in 1989, his son Vince (who is now the CEO and Director of Philip Giarracca & Co.) joined as a full time Property Manager.

In those days, all advertising was done either in the form of print media (local newspaper and The Age) or “For Sale” boards.” There was no internet; no social media; and no digital media. In fact, no mobile phone service either. The best form of communication was a two-way radio between the Sales Agent’s vehicle and the office! There was no computer technology. All internal trust accounting, including receipt writing; journal entries; ledger correspondence and letter communication was done manually. Hard work indeed but very rewarding!

Fast-forward to now where we are in the midst of an age of digital technology. All forms of digital media is available at our fingertips. We have a selection of internet websites and numerous social media tools at our disposal.

The team at Giarracca & Co now has:

  • a Full-Time Working Director, Auctioneer,
    Officer in Effective Control, Property Manager,
    and Sales Manager (Vince Giarracca)
  • Accounts Manager (Joanne Giarracca and Steph Gregory)
  • an Office Manager/Trust Accounting Manager (Sonya Calello)
  • a Sales Department Manager (Tania Ozsoy)
  • Property Portfolio Managers (Lisa Goutsikas, Dahlia Ahmed and Aggie Kurto)
  • an Agent’s Representative (Andrew Eglezos)

From humble beginnings, Philip Giarracca & Co is one of only a few family-run businesses, still successfully plying its craft in the often competitive world of real estate. As our motto states:

We are not a faceless name. We are the principals who practice.

Showcased below, is our proud trip down memory lane: firstly (top-left) are the Philip Giarracca & Co. print advertisements in the late 80’s / early 90’s. Next, (top-right) is a copy of our advertisement in the Italian Newspaper – The Globo, also in the late 80’s / early 90’s. Last but not least, is a copy of a Philip Giarracca editorial in the Moreland Newspaper, in the late 80’s.Established-Real-Estate-Agents-Melbourne